J-Giles Son delivers his 6th offering Here & There packed with Christ-centered rhymes focused on connecting our daily life to eternal life.  ‘Nothing Down’ sets the tone of the album proclaiming that Jesus came to the earth, lived, gave his life for us and resurrected.  However, the people of this world disregard His sacrifice by living with the present in mind instead of the future.  J-Giles delivers a timely message with the song Here.  Over hard-hitting drums J-Giles explains that we are born in sin and shaped in iniquity; therefore on this earth believers have battle sin daily.

J-Giles compares two lives by explaining the results of living in Christ and a non-believer.  The song explores what happen to each person in the afterlife.  Although the flows and rhymes are consistent the production of this song doesn’t match the intensity of the lyrics.  The vocals are on top of the beat, snare drum is flat, kick drum is missing and the musical elements are hidden under the hi-hats.

Society often elevates the lifestyle of materialism and fame as a means to success.  J-Giles infiltrates this mentality by expounding on the concept that losing means Going Up.  Although the song is delivered with piercing lyrics and a simplistic hook, the message is lost because the production doesn’t connect with the message.  Nevertheless J-Giles is on his way There through showcasing his vocal range over piano rifts and hitting drums.  J-Giles switches the vibe of the project from commercial to passionate production.

I’m Waiting is a happily ever after story about believers spending eternity in Heaven.  J-Giles delivers a testimony and proclamation together over smooth, soulful production.  Because this song captures the essence of the project through beats and rhymes, it’s my favorite on the project.  J-Giles concludes the project with a prayer asking the Lord to Take Us, All Away From Here To There. 

Conceptually J-Giles delivered on every song.  Each song seamlessly connected to the overall theme of Here & There.   A few songs lasted over four minutes, further disrupting the momentum of the album.  Instead of threes verses and/or extended hooks, the songs could have been cut to two verses plus hooks.  Moreover, the production was inconsistent in that some tracks were really good while others were not as favorable.  However J-Giles delivered a solid project taking us from Here to There.

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