J-Giles Son has released a new project titled Employed By The King. His goal in releasing this album is to communicate to his listeners that when we are in our churches, with our families, or in our workplaces, that we all work for the King. He also aims to tackle the battle going on “in between our headphones.” He wants us to feel motivated to fight against the lies that the “commercial rap industry” communicates to our youth on a daily basis. This album was inspired by Col 3:23-24, which reminds us that in everything we do, do it as if we are working for the Lord.

He has some dope features on this album including Alysia Ferrari, Pete Tyree, Dee Black, T-Word, Victor Cornelius, Swift, and a cool spoken word piece by Cynthia Giles.

The album starts with the opening track “Hello.” The beat on this one is very creative and has somewhat of a futuristic sound to it. Alysia begins the song with the hook, “I’m saying hello, to all my friends, to all my 116.” On this track, J-Giles Son shows his southern flow and wants to not only share the truth of Jesus to those who don’t know him but to also encourage believers who are shining their light in everything that they do.

“One Mo’ Gynn,” featuring Dee Black and T-Word, is one to remember. The hook is very catchy as they spit, “Ay let me get up on the mic like One Mo’ Gynn, this kinda like dem throw back hymns, It’s for the Christ, I flow for Him, rain when riding bikes, I’m goin’ in” and go in is exactly what they do on this one. The beat makes you want to turn up and dance while they spit straight fire.

The title track on this one, “Employed By The King,” features Victor Cornelius, and has a real fresh beat that fades in and out with some dope keys in the background. They both spit, “I’m employed by the King, its kingdom work, its going to destroy the devil’s dream, this industry now, it’s Kingdom turf.” On this one, they rhyme about taking back the hip hop industry and plantin’ the flag of Jesus on it.

My favorite two tracks on this album are “Bitterness” and “Can’t Have Me” because they sort of tie in together. On “Bitterness,” J-Giles Son speaks to us about the negative effects of bitterness and what it can do to you. He encourages us to overcome it and not let it be what defines us. On “Can’t Have Me,” he continues on the topic of bitterness and shares how it can’t tie him down and encourages believers that our bitterness was overcome on the cross and how we should not let it control us.

Overall, this is a real good album, which has many good elements to it. Check it out. It gets my vote.

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