I.N.K. Season (@theinkseason) is dedicated to highlighting the identity we have as sons and daughters that takes form as a community. This will be the first of many unique cyphers in the South Florida area. The I.N.K. Frame Cypher was shot at Modern Man Barbershop in Palm Beach, FL by director Frantzy Moreau (@topboy88) and hosted by Will Fonch (@willfonchtv).

Rappers in Order:
Shepherd – @shepherd_music
Blaze Hunter – @bh9thwunder
Rob Croft – @robcroftworld
Threat – @thekingthreat
Loe Vale – @loe_vale

Will Fonch of I.N.K. Season is on a mission to destroy the lack of unity in South Florida, and show everyone what it means when brothers and sisters come together. I.N.K. means “Identified Near The King.”

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