Rick Greene (founder of Infinity Distro):

The Rule is: if at least half the record is rap then it can be considered in the rap category – Even the reviews everywhere call it a rap/rock record…the record has rap on at least half – so it passed.  Group 1 Crew put their CD in the Rap CD category but most of the record was not rap or hip-hop.  (They missed it by one song)…So Group 1 Crew did not make that category… however, the song they submitted for hip hop song was a hip hop or rap song – so Group 1 Crew made the song category, not album.  Manafest squeaked in the rap…the category is rap & hip-hop.  Not just hip-hop.

Now that some explanations have been given by industry professionals with insight into the process and credibility, what are your thoughts?

Do you agree with the Dove Awards rules?