Illuminate is prepping a powerful release talking about Authenticity, the title of his new album, which releases on July 19th.  We caught up with him to talk about the background of the album, his philosophy, and collabs.  There are some powerful ones including Bryann Trejo, Big Juice, Skrip, HaloHitz, God Over Money artists including Datin, Angie Rose, and many more.  Eracism will be the first track with a music video which will be releasing soon.

Illuminate says that we can get caught up in pursuing social media, building platforms, and trying to be who we are not.  He wants to break through all of that and get real with people about his own struggles so he can help others do the same.  Three words that describe the themes of the album are Authentic, Anointed, and Honest.  Come Home is a powerful song that can get at the heart of being too religious, or being too comfortable in your relationship with God.  Illuminate wants you to be making an impact in your community, to be living your purpose, and be living all out for God to make a difference.