In light of how exceedingly good & satisfying it is to know Jesus, Illijam & Magoh wrote this anthem — the rallying cry of the Count It Loss movement and a unifying sentiment for all Bible-believing Christians. When the human heart experiences Jesus for who He truly is, it cannot help but see everything else as comparative trash!

Verse 1 (Illijam)
Ayy, old me peace out/
My king is all that I see now/
180 with sin I was enamored/
Like a beauty of a lady then I go and drop the hammer/
My God, made me alive/
From dead man parts like Frankenstein/
Unworthy, but now I get my Father/
He outshines e’ry thang, why would I wanna bother?/
You can have all of it, I count it loss/
I do not want it primarily nahh/
Wanna have God in His glory alone/
Nothing and no one vying for the throne/
God’s grace got my heart enjoying/
Lovin and adoring Him so everything like comparative trash/
Ya heard me right, ya heard me raw/
Nothing, hear me? Nothing better than knowing my God/
So fulla joy that don’t stop it last/
That’s why I count it loss yeah I count it all trash/

Throw it all away/
We don’t need the junk cuz we know it’s gon fade/
And we throw it for His sake/
Knowing Christ is gain everything else count it all/
Trash, Trash, Trash, Trash/
Trash, Trash, Trash, Count It all/
Trash, Trash, Trash, Trash/
Knowing Christ is gain everything else count it all/

Verse 2 (Magoh)
Steppin up on the mic you thought you’d never get on the height but wait/
This beat feel kinda tight/
So you bobbin and knocking tappin your body to the beat/
But I’m just another servant King Kong: Humble Beast/
(leggo!) And this bass we go ape on it/
Always on the grind so you know that we can skate to it/
We goin to the rim nobody can block us/
Chi-town ‘98 nobody can stop us/
Did I mention that our mission is not to get em trippin /
About our vision that’s not a prison or a condition/
From the decision to become a Christian/
Cuz even if we slippin we just winning in the backdrop: Scottie Pippen/
Yeah, now I call that a hot start/
Elevated on a canvas call it hot art/
You are not listening to the next hot star/
You are now listening to a man after God’s own, heart/

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