How To Overcome Lust by God Over Porn

This is a guest post by Jarrad Miller of God Over Porn. For information on guest posting, please view our Submission Guidelines.

One of the biggest questions we receive at God Over Porn is “How can I overcome lust or pornography?” I personally have always shield away from the “12 step programs,” because when I examine the question being presented, I sense it may be coming from a place of desperation and weariness from trying to overcome this sin on their own.

So I point them to Christ while strongly emphasizing that we are totally unable to do it ourselves. Simply put, if we were able to overcome sin on our own, there wouldn’t have been a need for our Lord and Savior to take the Cross, but He has given us means by which we can walk in victory.

This is what I would like to call “The 3 Cs.”


We should never underestimate the power of confession, especially pertaining to secret sin. One reason why sin thrives in the lives of believers is due to pride: we tell ourselves that we can handle it on our own but we were never meant to do that. James 5:16 tells us “confess our sins one to another so we may be healed.” Confessing our sins to those whom we can trust that will hold us accountable and is a great tool in our Christian walk. Use it.


As Christians, we were made for community and fellowship. When we isolate ourselves from the Body of Christ (Prov. 18:1), we are doing ourselves (and others) a great disservice because we are robbing fellow believers of the gift(s) God has given us to share with His Church and vice-versa. We see in Scripture that even one’s presence can be comforting to the brethren  (Job 2:11-13). Being a part of a local church is vital for the Christian. If you are not in a church, be sure to check out 9Marks to find one in your area.


Communion with God is essential to the growth of the Christian. Daily Bible reading and prayer is needed so the Word of the Lord may reveal our condition (Heb. 4:12-13). How often are you spending time with God in His Word? Little devotion brings little power. Much devotion brings much power. By meditating on God’s Word we continue to know who we are in Christ. This is needed especially in the battle against pornography or any other sexual sin, because our enemy assaults us with accusations and condemnation, so we must know what the Word says about His people.

If we desire to walk in victory over indwelling sin, we must grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sound doctrine will certainly promote sound living, for the grace of God instructs us to deny ungodliness (Titus 2:11-14). May the Word of the Lord richly dwell within us all. Amen.

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*Editor’s note: If you are struggling with online pornography, we also recommend using a filter and accountability software such as Covenant Eyes.