“HOPP is aesthetically an inspiring self-conscious rapper. As an artist I have a platform, I’m trying to build a platform to help inspire others… I’m a rapper, a singer, a producer, an encourager, an inspiration, artist and I love to help…”

In 2009 HOPP was in a state that many would call success. He had a Def Jam record deal on the table, was on a reality TV show, had a manager, a fiancée, and more. “I pretty much feel like I had the whole world, literally about to walk through the door of success.” He said that his career was taking off, but not the way he wanted it to. HOPP thought that God was telling him that the route he was going on was not the way to go, so,

“I kind of just did a 360 and walked away from it all. Dropped it, completely walked away from it, to kind of follow God and mature myself and really figure out who I was as an artist.”

He says that if he had continued on the road he was on, he does not know where he would be.