New York City rapper HeeSun Lee adresses the hardship of dealing with anxiety in “I’m With You,” a song from her brand new album Beauty For Ashes.

“I feel like so many people have this issue with anxiety and panic disorders and its so not talked about to the point where its wrong or weird to have it, which to me is insane.”

HeeSun Lee wants to tell people who struggle with anxiety and panic attacks that it is okay to have this struggle, and that one should not be ashamed of it. The song shares a story of a girl struggling with anxiety and finishes with the individual not getting over it, rather accepting that it is part of her life.

HeeSun Lee says that she has seen a therapist for anxiety, and says that one of the most important things she was told was, “It is okay to have this issue. The second you tell yourself its okay to have anxiety is the moment you will be better. People keep telling themselves that they can’t have this issue, that there’s something terribly wrong with you if you have it. You have to get rid of it, and thats what makes people more anxious.”

Lee says that when you embrace the reality of your anxiety, it is easier to deal with.

“We’re going to be anxious at times and I don’t want people to feel like there’s something wrong with them.”

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