If you listen to Guvna B’s music, one thing you will notice is that he has a mix of fun, energetic songs and more serious, deep songs.

“[I want to] give a holistic view of life. There’s good time [and] there’s bad times. Its not gonna be fun all the time, its not gonna be sad all the time, its not gonna be personal all the time.”

In the future Guvna B wants to come do a tour in the United States, but for now it is more of a hope than a plan. He sometimes talks on the Internet with American artists such as Beleaf, Thi’sl, and Andy Mineo.

Outside of music, Guvna B loves to play and watch soccer; his favorite team is West Ham United. He also loves to hangout at home with his wife.

“As I started to progress I realized that I was being heavily influenced by other music, so for this album I really wanted to be true to myself stylistically and put across my British side and say ‘I’m from England, I rap.’ A lot of people in the [United] States probably haven’t heard of me, but I’m proud of who I am and the style of music that I like. I think I’m comfortable now expressing myself, which is cool.”

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