“I basically make music to help people realize their God-given purpose in life and to help people reach their full potential to do everything that God wants them to do on this Earth. Letting people know that there is a reason they are alive and that they are unique and special.”

Guvna B grew up in a Christian home in an area of East London in which there was a lot of violence. “I always managed to steer clear of that but I wasn’t one hundred percent sold out for God and I wasn’t one hundred percent the other side as well. I was half in and half out.” One day in church he answered an altar call in which the preacher asked those who were lukewarm in their faith if they want to give one hundred percent to Jesus. “It really resonated with me so that day I decided to give my all to Jesus and I was seventeen.”

Guvna B started rapping at the age of nineteen. He was primarily inspired by Grime music, a fast paced style of rap that was big in the U.K.