Good Fruit Co., the record label home to J. Han, Sam Ock, and AMP, just announced that they have signed Promise, an artist formerly on Da’ T.R.U.T.H.’s Mixed Bag Records.

In Good Fruit Co.’s official announcement on their website, they said

As a songwriter/artist who has never been anything short of himself, and who has consequently been able to carve out a natural yet profoundly unique space somewhere between urban hip hop and soulful ballad, Promise mixes perfectly with the beat and tune of Good Fruit—particularly because he, too, is in pursuit of excellence, creativity, and uncompromising authenticity.

Promise is the first musician outside of the three co-founders of Good Fruit to join the artist roster. This partnership is a huge milestone for us, and we’re extremely excited for what’s to come!

They also released a new single from Promise, “Priorities,” featuring B. Reith.

You can follow Promise on Twitter.

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