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Artist: Gideonz Army
Album: G.A. Don’t Play Mixtape Vol. 1
Release Date: September 17, 2010
Label: CAJO Records
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Malachi flies down I75 with his top dropped and music from Gideonz Army blaring from his
BOSE speakers. Pulling up to check the exit on is right and left Souljah and Monolog. They place a last minute call to the Pastor to make sure they’re getting off at the right exit. The Pastor? Yes, the hottest new hip-hop group coming out of Atlanta – Gideonz Army – Malachi, Souljah, and Monolog – are not the gospel hip-hop you’re used to. Their music, which they call “Kingdom Crunk,” is what it would sound like if Lil Jon, Bonecrusher, Ludacris, T.I. and OutKast got together to create music for God.

Rather than take the high-brow holier-than-thou art approach to bringing the wayward closer to God, Gideonz Army is following the word of Prophet Isaiah as written in Luke 3: 4-6 “make straight paths for him,” so that “crooked roads are straightened,” and the “rough ways are made smooth.” Although their style of ‘smoothin it out,’ may not be conventional, especially for traditional church goers, make no mistake, they represent God’s chosen. “We believe God has chosen us from the masses to complete a specific mission through our music ministry. For that reason, we chose T.I.’s production team to make sure our music is as good as and even better than that of most mainstream artists,” expresses Monolog.

Gideonz Army aka GA knows the journey from the streets towards the light all too well because each walked in their personal darkness before arriving in Atlanta and enlisting in God’s Army. “Atlanta is a popular market for our type of music. Whether they have a personal connection with Gideonz Army (from left to right): Monolog, Malachi, and Souljah God or not, those who have heard our music, love it! We get a lot of love in the A and would like to see our music reach people outside of the church as well,” expresses Souljah. Malachi adds, “In addition to spreading the word of God, our goal is to change the way people view Christian rappers and enhance the lives of people with the message of Jesus Christ,”

While they met in Virginia as three original members of Tru Saints, each took a different journey to arrive in Atlanta and believe that G.A. is ground zero positioning to put in place their strategy.