Over the years, popular Christian hip-hop artists have featured Chris Cobbins on many songs, mostly under his former stage name Chris Lee. The first Christian hip-hop artist that he worked with was Trip Lee. “Life 101” on Trip Lee’s 2010 album Between Two Worlds was the song that brought him into the genre. The next person he worked with was Lecrae, being featured on “Release Date” and “I Love You” from his Rehab album.

“I was right to the top of the hill as far as the bigger Christian artists in hip-hop. It was surreal at the beginning. Months before they were just people on my iPod.”

He has also made been featured on albums by KB, Json, and Flame, among others. “I never thought I would actually reach that kind of level where those kinds of established artists would want my services. God is good and I’m glad that I was ready when the opportunity presented itself.”

Of all the features he has been on, the ones he likes best are on Json’s “Behind the Clouds” and KB’s “Zone Out.” Referring to “Behind the Clouds,” he says “there so much joy in that song… it’s a song that was meant to hopefully bring joy to people when they hear it, and I think that does a good job of that.” “Zone Out” is his favorite hype song that he has been featured on.

“The energy on that song is so crazy and when it happens at a concert and they play that song, people go crazy when it comes on.”

Outside of music, Chris Cobbins is a family man and a professional firefighter where he lives in Kansas City, Kansas. Due to the potentially dangerous situations he can be confronted with, he says that he prays every day before going to work as well as before leaving to answer calls, asking that God would keep he and his co-workers safe. “I believe it is a job that God gave to me. It does allow me to have the opportunity to do what I do musically and spend more time with my family. I can’t complain and I figure that if it is something that God gave to me, He will sustain me until it is completed.”

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