Chris grew up going to church, and his faith grew when he was about eight years old.

“I started reading my bible. My dad used to have us pay attention and takes notes on the sermon. I got baptized with my cousin when I was four, but really started to understand what that meant around ten.”

He never struggled with drugs or alcohol as a teenager, but he did struggle with lust, saying that pornography “was kind of a stronghold for a little while, but at nineteen was when I got serious about deciding to live for the Lord as an adult. That happened to be shortly after I met my wife, and the rest is history, as they say.”

Chris Cobbins has been singing since he was young, listening to artists like John P. Kee, Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, and Fred Hammond, singing along to their songs when hearing them on the radio. He sang his first solo around the age of ten, and he was so nervous that his eyes were closed the whole time and ended up with his back turned to the audience. He also listened to singers like Usher, but had to find his own style when he wanted to become an artist. He learned vocal techniques and trained his voice as a teenager, and also dances when he sings, saying that it helps control his breathing.

“You’re not getting better if you’re not challenging yourself, so it’s a good challenge but it’s also a lot of fun.”

In high school he started out making R&B music, recording it at a friend’s house whose mother had a studio. When he shared his music with friends, they really liked it, but when he was 19, he changed his music from talking about romantic love and sex to talking about his life through the lenses of his faith. Since then, Chris Cobbins has learned to record his own music.