Sevin is a leader in a global discipleship network called HOG MOB. HOG MOB is an acronym for “Hooked on God, ministry over business.” Underneath it are about twenty ministries operating in forty to fifty cities in the United States as well as some other countries. “We’re involved in anything that you can think of concerning building the kingdom of God.” He also wants to make it clear that HOG MOB is a ministry, not a rap group.

Sevin has been discipling Bizzle for a long time, and recognized his musical potential many years ago. Sevin says that in the way Bizzle was called to do music he would make a lot of enemies.

“I just wanted to make sure that he had a brother. I wanted to make sure he was doing this the proper way because he was new. There were a lot of things he didn’t know at a time.”

Sevin is now an artist on Bizzle’s record label, God Over Money Records. One thing Sevin likes about being on the label is how they are helping him in ways that he would not have done on his own.

“I plan on serving here as long as I can and when that season is up, I’m going to be doing whatever else God wants me to do.”

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