“First of all I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ. I think that’s an overall description of me. That would have to be what it is. At this point in my life that’s really all I care about. Being more like Christ as a man, as a minister, as a brother, even as an artist.”

“I’m from Sacramento, California. Grew up in the eighties in the craziness of California during that time period when crack was really hitting the scene and gang banging was really hitting the scene. It was wild.”

Sevin says that he grew up in a Christian household and was sheltered by some of the bad influences. “With that sheltering also came a lack of education about this stuff.” He says that since due to the lack of education about such matters, as a young teenager he was enticed by some of the negative influences around him. He was attracted to the street life and viewed Christianity as being outdated and not relevant to his life.

“It wasn’t being explained to me in the context of the culture that I was involved in. I fell away. I saw a lot of hypocrisy in the church. I hated the church. I didn’t see God among me and my people.”