“No Fakery” is a song on BrvndonP featuring E-40. One day Brandon was playing the song for a friend who was visiting him, and his dad came in and listened as well. Brandon’s dad told him that he needs to get E-40 on the song, and he was shocked.

“It’s a surprise that my dad would say something like that. My dad is a minister of music at a church and I’m like ‘Wait, wait, what? How am I supposed to get E-40 on there?’ and he was like ‘I don’t know, but it’s going to happen.’”

“Over The Clouds” is a featureless song on BrvndonP and is Brandon’s favorite song of the album. “It’s not about me at all. Its just stories about my friends in my life, about their situations. It’s all true stories about how God showed up in the midst of their situations and was like ‘You are able to soar above the clouds [of the metaphorical storms of life].’”

The final song is called “Doors” and is a ballad.

“I’m singing a ballad and it’s basically like a prodigal child type of song. I’ve tried everything but here I’m knocking back at your door.”