“BrvndonP [pronounced “Brandon P”] is just a normal twenty-three year old who has gone through life just like everybody else, struggled just like everybody else, and is also trying to strive for better.”

When Brandon Peavy’s mother was pregnant with him, her family wanted her to abort him because she was not married and the child’s father was a drug addict. His mother decided not to abort him, and when he was a child his father started following Jesus and gave up his addictions. They got married.

Brandon says that his family moved around a lot through his childhood and he doesn’t call any place the place where he is from. For most of his childhood he was the only black kid in schools made up of white kids in Kentucky.

“I got bullied almost every single day because I was the only black kid in the class, which lead to me not loving myself and having self esteem issues.”

These issues brought a dark time to his life where he had suicidal desires. “God brought me out of that situation. I’ve always been in church, but seriously gave me life to Him when I was fifteen or sixteen.”