Get into the Spirit with some Christ-Centered Christmas Hip-Hop

Christmas is coming very soon! Have you been wanting to merge your love for Christmas music with your love for hip-hop. Check out our Christmas Hip-Hop playlist on Spotify and this selection of Christ-centered Christmas hip-hop.

The Christ of Christmas by God’s Servant

In 2012, Lamp Mode Recordings artist God’s Servant released a Christ-cented album called The Christ of Christmas. Listen on Spotify.

Gift Rap by The Cross Movement

Rewind to 2004 for one of or maybe even the first Christmas-themed Christian hip-hop albums, Gift Rap by The Cross Movement. Listen on Spotify.

The Gift: A Christmas Compilation by 116

Fastforward to the present for the first 116 compilation album in seven years. The Gift: A Christmas Compilation features Lecrae, Trip Lee, GAWVI, Tedashii, WHATUPRG, and more. Listen on Spotify.

It Ain’t Christmas Without You by V. Rose

Singer and well known Christian hip-hop collaborator V. Rose released an EP called It Ain’t Christmas Without You. The EP features Young Noah and Mission and reminds the listener to keep Christ in Christmas. Listen on Spotify.

An Illect Recordings Christmas Compilation by Illect Recordings

Illect Records released a compilation Christmas album back in 2009. It features songs from L.A. Symphony, Sivion, Scribbling Idiots, and more. Listen on Spotify.

This Christmas by Lord Badu

Toronto, Canada artist Lord Badu released a 3-song Christmas EP last week called This Christmas. Check out our interview with him about the EP here. Listen to This Christmas on Spotify.

Mostest Wonderfullest Time of the Year by KJ-52

Christian hip-hop veteran KJ-52 collaborated with Spechouse to release a comedic take on Christmas music with a new album, Mostest Wonderfullest Time of the Year, released last month. Listen on Spotify.

Pettidee Presents a Soldier Sound Christmas by Pettidee

Pettidee released a Christmas album called Pettidee Presents a Soldier Sound Christmas way back in 2008. Listen on Spotify.

In conclusion…

We hope this list gives you a lot of Christmas themed Christian Hip-Hop to listen to in the next few days. Listen to a selection of songs from these projects in our Christmas Hip-Hop Spotify playlist. Merry Christmas from the Jam The Hype family!