Chicago, Illinois-based Christian hip-hop artist, Genesis, has released his new album, ‘Blackbook,’ as a free download. ‘Blackbook’ features K-Drama, Witness, and Dwayne Reed, among others.



01. “Pages”
02. “Chicago” Ft. Ray Crespo, Dwayne Reed
03. “Fallen”
04. “Always There” Ft. Dwayne Reed
05. “Timeline”
06. “Open Letter”
07. “Rep” Ft. Witness, K-Drama
08. “King”
09. “Worship” Ft. Malachi Church ILL

Tracks engineered by Joe Delfino of Miller Street Studios
Prod., with the exception of “Pages” & “Open Letter,” by Diamond Style Productions
“Pages” produced by Tony Fadd Productions
“Open Letter” produced by Anthony “Reformation” Gomez


“‘Blackbook’ is comparable to the “Blackbook” terminology we see in 80s,90s movies where the individual keeps a record of women he slept with or a record of gruesome pranks he/she has done against other people; in retrospect we do a similar concept towards God! We keep an ongoing record of sin that we commit against Him and we keep it stored in our own “Blackbooks.” Now even with this record of wrong, there is a way to rid of this “Blackbook,” and that is only through Jesus Christ. Christ redeems us, bares our inequity, and makes us clean before the Father, hence discarding our “Blackbook”! This album is a reflection of my wrongs against the Lord, as well as what I’ve witnessed growing up in the West Side of Chicago, and how despite my sin, sins around me, Christ has chosen to redeem me, and it’s all by His doing not mine, and He can and will redeem others and lay to rest our “Blackbooks.” – Genesis

Download ‘Blackbook’

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