Gawvi recently got the opportunity to interview Gawvi a/k/a G-Styles, a critically acclaimed producer who has made beats for Hip Hop artists like Lecrae, Rhema Soul, Sho Baraka, Andy Mineo, and more.  The South Florida-based artist is known for his ability to make God glorifying tracks that can compete with what mainstream radio plays on a daily.  Since breaking onto to the scene as Rhema Soul’s (K-Nuff, Juan Love and Butta P) producer (Worn SolesDBGN, and Fingerprints), Gawvi has carved his own lane.

The Background: 

If you are passionate about Christian Hip Hop, you will most likely know that Gawvi has supported the movement for a while and has credits on classic albums like Lecrae’s Rebel, Trip Lee’s 20/20, Sho Baraka’s Turn My Life Up, DJ Morph’s International, and Rhema Soul’s Dope Beats Good News.  The Good City Music representative has definitely paid his dues and recent credits on projects like Andy Mineo’s Heroes For Sale and Trip Lee’s The Good Life are a testament to his hard work and consistency.  Gawvi gave us a quick break down of how he ended up collaborating with many of the most recognized emcees in Christian Hip Hop and in the general market (Lecrae, Andy Mineo, and Rhema Soul are some of the names that have made noise outside of CHH).

“I’ve grown up in the church my whole life, then I started attending the same youth group as Rhema Soul, and they started mentoring me.  At that point, I was in high school and was already making beats.  We had a freestyle Wednesday after youth group, I was making the beats for people to freestyle over, and Rhema Soul caught on to me.  Then they started working with me as far as building me as a producer and everything.  As far as Christian Hip Hop, I didn’t really know much about it.  I had a Cross Movement album, but that’s as far as it went.  When it comes to doing production for Christian Hip Hop, it was more of a passion; I didn’t know I could get paid for it.” – Gawvi

Reveals first production credits and tells us that R-Swift was the first person to purchase a G-Styles instrumental.

He started making many beats for Rhema Soul, and many of them ended up on their debut project Worn Soles.  The first person to purchase a beat from Gawvi was Christian Hip Hop veteran R-Swift; the Apply Pressure crafter introduced the instrumental maker to many of his peers and different outlets.  G-Styles saw the music video for Lecrae’s “Jesus Musik” single and desired to make a beat for him because he wanted to contribute to a project by a Christian Hip Hop artist at that time.