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“Don’t Fear” is a song on Revival featuring former Clear Sight Music artist V. Rose. Mike REAL says the song is about not fearing bad things that could happen as a result of making the right choices.

“You may be persecuted. You may be outcasted. You may be physically or mentally attacked… It’s to tell you don’t fear those things. Do the right thing. Do the thing that God wants you to do because in the end that is all that matters.”


Clear Sight Music and “Don’t Fear” was featured on the TLC show Jill and Jessa: Counting On, which documents the life of two daughters of the Duggar family from 19 Kids and Counting who now are married and have their own families. Ben Seewald, the husband of Jessa, reached out to them via email. He was a fan of FLAME’s music and wanted to interview him for his personal YouTube page.

After seeing the interviews, TLC wanted to feature FLAME on the show. TLC’s film crew and the Seewald family were in Clear Sight Music’s studio as “Don’t Fear” was being recorded.

FLAME says about the Seewald family, “They are great people. [They are a] great Christian couple. They’ve been through a lot and God has sustained them. It’s a blessing to see them behind the scenes continue to love Jesus in the middle of controversy and difficulty, and to be a good example of a family to the general public. I appreciate their relationship and it’s one we’re continuing to cultivate.”