FLAME says that they started working on this joint EP early this year, and had some topics that they wanted to address. They started reaching out to producers to work with and started writing. After a while of working on it, FLAME said,

“Lets think a little deeper about what we want to say, where we want to go, and as we examined culture we started to think that the bottom line was we need God to do something in light of everything that is going on. Lets petition God for a revival, that he would spark something in us that we can’t account for.”

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[column]To make Revival, FLAME and Mike REAL would hang out in Clear Sight Music’s studio and brainstorm hooks and themes of songs. “We’ll have music blaring in the background, Mike will walk off into the distance, while writing this verse in his head, and I’m doing the same thing.” One important aspect of their musical partnership is that they can critique each other’s writing and rapping in order to make their songs better bit by bit, FLAME said.[/column]
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“The environment is fun. It brings about creativity. Obviously we’re praying and asking the Lord to do something special again, but ultimately it’s the first time we’ve actually recorded a project together so we’re learning each others practices and behavior patterns in the studio.”

Revival was produced by Spec and Courtney Orlando. FLAME said “I think they both brought their A game. Spec did his production; he sprinkled his magic over it. It sounds like it’s going to be something good as we move into the summertime to be thinking and praying through, but also to enjoy and rock with.”