I am a Christian who loves the Lord and loves to use his platform to implement change and to spread a message of love and hope and also to bring stuff different to the table.

He wants to use his music to share his faith in a cool way and hopes that it will draw interest for those who don’t believe in Jesus.

When Michael Ayo was rapping as a teenager, he was called MC Faith, and later he changed his name to Faith Kid before settling on Faith Child. After going by the name Faith Child, his mother told him the story of his birth, which relates well to his name.

When she was pregnant, Michael’s mother went to a clinic to abort him. When she was at the clinic, she said that God spoke to her saying, “’Don’t abort the baby, I have put him there for a plan and a purpose and when he grows up he will be a man after my heart and he will serve me.” At that time, she lived in poverty, had been a victim of domestic violence, and already had four children. She believes that God told her to have faith in Him, so Michael Oye uses the name Faith Child to try to inspire faith in others.