Artist: Eric G
Featured: Ethel Garzon on Bandwagon
Production: Eric G
Release Date:
Label: Tate Music Group
Hometown: Westbury, NY
Bio/Notes: Forget what you know, Eric G. is here to break the mold of a Traditional Christian/Gospel Artist. Blessed with God fearing parents, including having a Pastor for a father, Eric was blessed to know Christ from the beginning.
Realizing his musical inclination, he engaged heavily in the choir and eventually formed and led praise and worship teams.
Hungry for industry success, Eric pursued a singing career in secular music. A few years ago he found himself in a group, compiled of singers and rappers, amidst signing a major deal. The group’s exposure catapulted to BET, MTV, radio stations nationwide and other forms of media. However, its success was as short lived as were the opportunities and before the album was released, both parties severed ties.
Now after much discernment and much needed spiritual growth, Eric realized that he was meant to use his music, not for this world, but for the ministry to which God has appointed.
Utilizing Urban R&B and Hip Hop’s cutting edge style, Eric G. is determined to infiltrate mainstream; particularly the youth who are in such dire need of positive and Godly influence.
Bringing God to music like no other, Eric G. is devoted to ensuring that every ear that hears his music will know about the Love and Salvation of God!