Elevated includes Edison Quarrels, who goes by Young Apostle, and LaQuaize Jackson, who goes by Truly Blessed. They have been rapping together for four years and live in Huntsville, AL. Originally a three-man group that met at church, they rapped together for two years before their most seasoned member went on to become an evangelist. Remarkably, this downside actually was a blessing in disguise. The growth of their ministry began to blossom tremendously that now they have a bond like never before, with a drive to spread the Gospel at every opportunity since opening up for artists such as Flame, V.Rose, Derek Minor, and Json. “ShineOn” featuring BenJah is the first single off their new upcoming EP entitled (One Way).

Twitter: @ItsTrulyBlessed @TheYoungApostle

Cover Art: Sicily
Track Production: YoungnFlyBeatz

Verse One [BenJah]
All black to the socks man
Dark heart always sinning
nothing happens overnight
thats why we always grinding

even though my first album kinda flopped
now i drop an album and it hit the charts
even though videos be turning hearts
its all by the grace of God grace of God

Hook [BenJah]
Oh no, dem boys on top, of the
World doe, breaking down doors where
we go, nothings going to stop our
grind bro, we shine on

Verse Two [Truly Blessed]
Cant stop that grind no never gotta give him all the praise we better
Cause his love last forever so i chase that no that cheddar
Im turnt and your boy wont budge show love you can keed that grudge
And yes in God I trust but it aint about the bucks with us
So im all in like Flame said shine bright no ray bands
Mathew 5:16 man I do this thing to reflect my king and
I wont compromise my peace of mind cant stop that so i gotta grind
No clock outs just overtime he gave his life so I owe him mine
If it aint about Christ than flat line it leave that non-sense right behind it
Aint no fun when you misguided aint no hope when you so blinded
Need direction he’ll provide it need new sight he’ll supply it
Didnt know had to try him lift me up took me higher
On top of the world and im shinning brighter
Been through a lot of pain made it through the wire
Cant stop now cause im far from tired focused on him cause im wired
So take me to another level what you say
My God in heaven really make me feel some type of way


Verse Three [Young Apostle]
We grind hard we shine bright Jesus music we bout that life
He is the way word truth and the light took the beams out my eyes now i got clear sight
If you really wanna get it man you better come with it cause me and the fam we full committed
Plus God on my side man you know we gon ride going hard for the lord til the day that i die
teach the word everyday til the day fly got my tweeters on blast and my bass up high
Im so geeked up no need to lie dem Elevated we on the rise
Cause the people need peace city need hope in the father son holy ghost
Boy right now you doing the most just follow Gods voice cause you wanna be close ahhhh
I am on my grizzy you know you cant stop my grind cause my lord is coming soon man look at the signs
When your time is over its done you cant hit rewind then your fate is sealed i hope you wasnt asinine
Thats why im praying for my city ima teach the word not conceal im not gone talk it ima live it
I got to get to heaven and thats a period Im just tryna save my city cause I know we’re near the end
And if you riding with me just throw up both your hands