“After releasing his debut album two years ago, Broken Connection, which included D-MAUB, Chris Weaver, and production from Grammy Award winner Alex Medina, as well as others, Midwest artist, Echo, is releasing a collaborative project with Florida-based Lunar 11 Studios called, “The Dream State Experience.”

So what is this “experience?”

Echo explains the concept, “The Dream State is that many of us recognize that when we find trials, struggles, and pain in our lives, that at times, we retreat to our “Dream State’s”, where things are perfect, where things are better than real life, where we don’t have to face what is really going on… When in reality, we are just prolonging these circumstances. The comic book series is bringing this concept to life in multiple characters lives, and stories. It really is a dope collaborative, because I wanted to make this experience as special and unique as possible, and I’m so excited to see how it is fleshed out as we continue!”

The expansion into this experience was a collaboration with David Heringer and Lunar 11 Studios, who agreed to bring a completely original story and comic book series that would complement and intertwine with the music.

This brings us to the release of the first stage in “The Dream State Experience.”

Echo adds, “Though we wanted to bring you a full album and graphic novel, we wanted to first introduce you to the Dream State universe and concept. This first stage is what I like to call an ‘appetizer.’ It’s a first taste and look into what the whole Experience is going to look like, and I think once you dig into the appetizer, you’ll be looking forward to the whole meal to be served.”

The first stage in the Dream State Experience includes the first comic book and a 5-track EP, which includes features from John Givez, John Cheatem, Eppic, Loso and more, as well as production from Grammy Award winner Wit, Gawvi, Wes Pendleton and the Black Knight. (View the full track listing below)

Echo also added that this is only the beginning, as they hope to bring a full album and graphic novel with Lunar 11 Studios by the end of the year, or beginning of 2016.

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