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Artist: Ecclesi
Production: Rockwilder
Album: Eternal Advisory: Explosive Content (Reloaded)
Release Date:
Label: Unsigned
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Bio/Notes: Raised in Sacramento, CA, Ecclesi (aka Stephan Isom, Sr) encountered a life of rebellion, drug abuse, and incarceration. All of this led to his accepting Christ in 1998, after his final 17 1/2-month stay in the Sacramento County Jail. Since then, he has never looked back!
He committed to the church he attended, and began his journey with God.
He since had formed a Gospel Rap group named LEXC (living Examples for Christ), and from 1999-2003 was blessed to perform and minister throughout Northern California. From there, he married, and now he and his beautiful wife, Amea, raise their family of 5, and serve God together in Phoenix, AZ.
There, they serve as executive leaders at the Faith On Fire Church, and Ecclesi has since recorded 2 solo projects.
In 2009, he felt God leading him to begin targeting a broader audience. Being an avid rapper since 1989, Hip Hop has always been a passion for him. As a result, his current mixtape, “Push The Red Button”, is a recall to his rap roots. It displays a more lyrical side of the rapper, cleverly balancing Word and wordplay, lyrical bullying and Kingdom building.
This project is set to capture the attention of TRUE Hip Hop fans.