Dwight Junior Talks New EP ‘Never What You Ask For’

The fifth, second to last song on the EP is called “I Don’t Know,” and is saying that in music, artists can work hard and have many accomplishments and accolades, but “are you trying to put on a show or are you genuinely going with the flow?” He said, “You can’t trust the system that people use to become a successful rapper. You can’t trust that system because that system is not set up to succeed one hundred percent of the time.”

The final song on Never What You Ask For is “Really Are” and serves as a bonus track to give to the listener. “My little brother loves that song. That’s why I wanted to put that on there. That was really inspiring to him.”

“First and foremost, I want this to be something that everybody involved can look at and say, ‘that was such a great project and such a great time of our lives.’ You just want to package up the memories and keep them for later… That’s what I want to do with music from now on.”