Dwight Junior Talks New EP ‘Never What You Ask For’

Dwight Junior says that things he has attempted apart from God end up in failure, and that influenced the songs on this project. “Sometimes just being genuine and being a son of God is what I mean by ‘I’ll do things with Him. Now that I live in Charleston [South Carolina], sometimes the Lord just wants to go to the beach and read a book. There’s things like that which you take in, experiences with the Lord.”

“Get Closer” is the introductory song to the project and is “me floating through this time and space where I ran out of every option of trying to find a cheap substitute for God and none of them worked.” At this point in his life, he knows that apart from God, he cannot be truly joyful and fulfilled, so he wants to constantly get closer to God.

“Love Me” is the second song on the new EP and is very important to Junior because it came about through a collaboration with his friend Satele. They had met before at concerts, but had never spent much time together before recording this song.

“We were there [in the studio] all day until late at night. It was really good. The process of it was really on the wing to be honest. You get off work. You record something that has been really stirring in your heart lately.”

Concerning the song’s message, he says that he cannot allow anyone to tell him who he is supposed to be in order to be accepted as being himself. “I’ll never be able to dig into someone’s soul and tell them what they’re really made of. They have to do that for themselves. That’s why they have it [free will].” He says that when you get to know who God is, you gain an understanding of your own identity as well.