On the heels of the highly successful debut of the “Shofar” album, Serious PPL Music is gearing up to release “RAP QUEEN: THE SERIOUS VOICE STORY,” a deeply personal window into the world of multi-award nominated Christian Hip Hop artist Serious Voice. The documentary broken into three parts, Brooklyn, Faith, and Hip Hop, is slated to premiere in the U.S. first quarter 2018.

“When it comes to my personal life, I really don’t like to get in-depth, but I feel it’s time to give the fans and long-time supporters the whole picture and not just the bits and pieces they’ve been getting over the years. I trust the team to keep the integrity of my journey while giving a personal glimpse into my life. I can’t even say it enough, I’m just excited to share this work and hope everyone will understand me better.” -Serious Voice

Across its 10-minute runtime, “RAP QUEEN: THE SERIOUS VOICE STORY, showcases the breakout artist at her most raw and uninhibited as she prepares to release her follow up album “Shofar 1.5.”

RAP QUEEN: THE SERIOUS VOICE STORY, follows Serious Voice through the streets of her native East Flatbush, Brooklyn, as she recounts memories of growing up in a two-room apartment with her family. The documentary picks up with Serious Voice at SXSW performing a verse on Sway Calloway’s ‘Sway In The Morning’ show, highlighting her flow and lyrical skills, her preparedness for the next level of the rap game, and her uncensored perspectives on her contemporaries and the state of hip hop in America.   

RAP QUEEN: THE SERIOUS VOICE STORY,” also provides an unfiltered look at the highs, lows, and crazy in-betweens of an unsigned artists’ plight to the next level – from getting the microphone snatched out of her hand, and a slew of other rejections, to working with Spike Lee on a Netflix production.

In anticipation of “RAP QUEEN: THE SERIOUS VOICE STORY,” Serious PPL Music will release a single bearing the same name. Also, Internet Radio Station Yes Hour Radio, The Positive Voice of New York, will post outtakes from the documentary every Friday via their App. 

“RAP QUEEN: THE SERIOUS VOICE STORY,” is shot, edited and executive produced by Lenny “Mr.L” Moore of MooreBeats, Christopher “Mr.C” James and Natasha Griffiths with additional footage captured by Glen Oh So Fresh, Darryl Harrison and Emerald. All artwork was conceptualized and created by Jo Nathan of Newarkian Innovations.

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