The previously mentioned Trip Lee: One Hundred Sixteens mixtape from DJ Wade-O is now available for download.

Get your FREE copy directly from his website. Tracklisting below.


  1. “Come Close” – Trip Lee feat. Flame and Sho Baraka (20/20)
  2. “Give You That Truth (Wade-O Old School Mash-Up)” – Trip Lee (If They Only New)
  3. “Superstar (Eyes Off Me)” – Trip Lee (20/20)
  4. “We Don’t Live for Hip Hop” – Trip Lee (20/20)
  5. “No Worries (One Sixteen Mash-Up)” – Trip Lee (Between Two Worlds)
  6. “One Sixteen” – Trip Lee (The Good Life)
  7. “One Sixteen (The Movement Remix)” – Trip Lee (The Good Life Book Downloads)
  8. “Hero (Look At Him Now Mash-Up)” – Trip Lee feat. Jai (Between Two Worlds)
  9. “I’m a Believer” – Tedashii feat. Trip Lee & Soye’ (Identity Crisis)
  10. “Jesus Muzik” – Lecrae feat. Trip Lee (After The Music Stops)
  11. “Heart Problem” – Trip Lee (The Good Life)
  12. “On My 116″ – DJ Official feat. Lecrae, Tedashii, Sho Baraka & Trip Lee (Entermission)
  13. “I’m Good” – Trip Lee feat. Lecrae (The Good Life)
  14. “Cash of Christ” – Trip Lee feat. Lecrae (If They Only Knew)
  15. “Checkin for My God Remix” – The Ambassador feat. Lecrae and Trip Lee (The Chop Chop: From Milk to Meat)
  16. “In Ya Hood Cypha” – Tedashii feat. Trip Lee, Thi’sl, JSon, Sho Baraka & Lecrae (Kingdom People)
  17. “Ridaz Remix” – J.R. feat. Da T.R.U.T.H., Trip Lee and Iz-Real (Life By Stereo)
  18. “The Last Cypha” – The Cross Movement feat. Trip Lee, R-Swift, Everyday Process & Da T.R.U.T.H. (HIStory)
  19. “Bear With You” – Trip Lee feat. Tedashii (Between Two Worlds)
  20. “Brag on My Lord” – Trip Lee feat Alex Medina (Brag on My Lord Single)
  21. “Invade (Bible in Da Air Mash-Up)” – Trip Lee feat. J. Paul (Between Two Worlds)
  22. “Transformers” – Tedashii feat. Lecrae and Trip Lee (Identity Crisis B-Sides)
  23. “To Live is Christ (Philippians)” – 116 Clique feat. Trip Lee (13 Letters)
  24. “Life 101″ – Trip Lee feat. Chris Lee Cobbins (Between Two Worlds)
  25. “Robot” – Trip Lee (The Good Life)
  26. “Robot (Remix)” – Trip Lee feat. Swoope & Andy Mineo (The Good Life Book Downloads)
  27. “Gotta Grow (We’ll Make It Mash-Up)” – Trip Lee (If They Only Knew)
  28. “I Love Music (Seasons Mash-Up)” – Trip Lee (Between Two Worlds)
  29. “We Don’t Freestyle (RIP DJ Primo)” – DJ Primo feat. Trip Lee (116 Chopped-N-Screwed)
  30. “Cling to You” – Trip Lee feat. shai linne (20/20)
  31. “Covenant Eyes” – Trip Lee feat. Derek Minor aka PRo (Between Two Worlds)
  32. “Fallin’” – Trip Lee (The Good Life)
  33. “The Invasion (Hero)” – Trip Lee feat. Jai (Between Two Worlds)
  34. “The Invasion (Hero) (Remix)” – Trip Lee feat. Jai, Tedashii, Mac the Doulous, Stephen the Levite, Brenden McPeek, J.R.(Between Two Worlds Remixes)