“I Can Believe It” by IV & Ms Ashleigh Nickole

“The Love” by KB

“Fingerprints” by Reality

“Made Up My Mind” by Mouthpiece

“Yep” by Street Pastor

These five tracks are from DJ JLarge’s UPCOMING mixtape called Soul Grindin’ Volume 1. Cop it soon at

DJ JLarge was a sinner who lived his life in total opposition to the Lord Jesus Christ. God used many things to humble and break J from his false reality. He now is sold out and dedicated to the cause of Jesus Christ and bringing the message of TRUTH to the people who do not understand the clear presentation of the Gospel. That Christ died for all man kinds sins, rose from the grave proving He is God, and that salvation is found by trusting Christ and what HE did as your only way to heaven.

Now J’s whole mission is to bring Christ to the forefront in the hoods across America for FREE. He reaches the lost on their turf, shares the Gospel, then leaves cd’s. As well as FREE digital downloads (33,000 last year). So basically it ain’t about music, it’s about MINISTRY! That’s whats up. HOLLA AT ME AT DJJLARGE.COM