“I think in the world we live in today, often times the pressure for us to try to fit in and be something other than we were made is at an all-time high.”

Reflection Music Group artist Derek Minor just released a new album, Reflection, with which he wants to encourage people that what they see in the mirror is beautiful.

“God made you great. God gave you purpose. You’re unique and have gifts and talents that are worth pursuing.”

For Derek Minor, reflecting Christ is simply being who God made him to be. He says it is taking the gifts that God has given him and offering them to be used however God wants to use them.

From the start, he sought to make Reflection a very personal album. Minor wanted listeners to get as much of the musical experience as possible directly, so he decided to produce most of the album himself. He also wrote the hooks for every song except “Love Go High.”

“This is all, one hundred-fifty percent Derek Minor craftiness when it hits you.”