Dee-1’s new single “I Don’t Wanna Let You Down” is out now. The song is talking about how he wants to honor God with his life and not let God down. The single is from his upcoming album Slingshot David. In summer 2016 he released a free project with the same title, but this is now a full album. The album comes out November 10th and has a whopping twenty-six tracks.

The tracklist is as follows.

  1. What’s a Slingshot (Skit)
  2. Destiny
  3. Wanna Be a Hot Boy (Skit)
  4. Wanna Be a Hot Boy featuring Kango Slim
  5. For the Stars (Skit)
  6. For the Stars featuring Avery Wilson
  7. I Like You (Skit)
  8. I Like You
  9. Intelligence (Skit)
  10. Intelligance
  11. Why Do the Righteous Suffer (Skit)
  12. Why Do the Righteous Suffer
  13. Love Always Wins (Skit)
  14. Love Always Wins featuring Sevyn Streeter
  15. Hood Villains (Skit)
  16. Hood Villains
  17. Just Clocked In (Skit)
  18. Just Clocked In featuring Kourtney Heart
  19. My People Need Me (Skit)
  20. My People Need Me
  21. The Devil’s Playground (Skit)
  22. The Devil’s Playground featuring Sean Carey & Minister Will Murray
  23. I Don’t Wanna Let You Down (Skit)
  24. I Don’t Wanna Let You Down featuring Cyrus Deshield
  25. Find Your Slingshot (Skit)
  26. Hol’ Up

You can pre-order Slingshot David on iTunes or Amazon.

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