Producer: Big Juice
Album Name: Amplified
Hometown: Mount Vernon, NY

Who is Daniel AMP? Some would say a gifted artist with the ability to articulate truth through his lyrics, providing answer to some of life’s toughest questions. Creative metaphors and powerful punchlines combined with a heartfelt message, Daniel takes listeners on a ride from separation to salvation in mere minutes. However, who is the man behind the music?

Hailing from Mount Vernon, New York, Daniel grew up with five sisters and two brothers, often feeling overshadowed growing up. So, like many other inner city youth, Daniel found comfort in gang culture. Constantly moving around the country left emptiness inside of him, which led him to seek material and physical comfort, hoping to fill the voids, but experiencing one disappointment after another, left him questioning his purpose and meaning in life.

In July of 2011, Daniel was invited to watch a video of a speaker in Georgia. That night he heard the Gospel and vowed to live only to see Jesus glorified.

Daniel currently resides in Cleveland, OH with his wife and children. He serves as a youth leader at his local church. He desires to grow as a man, husband, and father of faith.

Daniel’s free project, titled Amplified, is available for free download below.

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