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Production: Exo
Album: “LEGACY”
Purchase: itunes
Release Date: September 14, 2010
Label: Holy Soldier Records
Hometown: Marion, IN
Website: https://www.holysoldierrecords.com https://www.damessenger.com

Christian rap recording artist “DA MESSENGER” is back with his 3rd studio release, “LEGACY” that is sure to please all fans of music around the world! It releases September 14th, 2010!!!

The single “BEAT MY BODY PART 2” is a continuation of a song Da Messenger releaed on his debut abum “SPIRITUAL WALK” in 2007. As Christian our walk is a daily fight! It is filled with different struggles, media distractions, sexual temptations, idols we put before God, ect. & we know that the flesh is weak! So we must beat it!!!

Da Messenger is a 20 year old CEO, Christian Rap atist, producer, engineer, & songwriter who help found Holy Soldier Records(HSR) at the age of 16 in 2007. His focus & motives for his ministry & HSR is simply to bring God glory & lead people to him! He has released two projects under HSR: “Spiritual Walk”(2007) & “Who Are We?” EP(2009), & his new release “LEGACY” releases September 14th, 2010! Da Messenger has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the CHH industry such as: Lecrae & Tedashii(Reach Records), k-Drama(Cross Movement Records), John Reuben(Gotee Records), Thisl, D-Maub, Grits, & many more!

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