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Artist: Da Bridge
Featured: A.M.
Album: Ova Troubled Waterz
Release Date:
Label: Unsigned
Hometown: West Palm Beach/ Fort Myers Fl
Website: reverbnation.com/dabridge16bars
Bio/Notes: Vaniel Devallon also known as Da Bridge was born In West Palm Beach Fl, Sept. 8 1983. Music has always been an important aspect in Da Bridge’s life, but he didn’t start taking it seriously until he was about 16 years old after hearing a friend of his spit a rap behind an apartment building complex. After hearing this friends rhyme he then was inspired to pursue rapping. His rapping profession did not began in the church. As a matter of fact, he started rapping around the time he was still caught up living the street life of selling drugs, smoking weed,and trying to live life as a thug. But, later after giving his life to Christ, he began using his gift for the Lord. In 2006 Da Bridge released his first E.P. named “Street Reach”, which was a colab album with Gospel rap artist G.Reign. Then in 2009 Da Bridge Joined forces once again with G.Reign and also Recording Gospel Rap artist Judah and Singer/Rapper A.M. and completed their first full length album “Ambassadors of the Future” under the group “Lion Squad”. Finally in 2010, Da Bridge released his first solo debut album “Ova Troubled Waterz”. Da Bridge now continues to move forward and push his music career/ministry, and spread the love of Christ to the lost…