Every one has a past, and everyone has a testimony. The thing(s) God has delivered us out of displays the very essence of who God is. But, God desires us to not only know who he is but to know who we are to be through him. I am an overcomer. #ExWeedSmoker #ExPartyBoy #ExCusser…..  #WhoAreYou ?

D Kidd, also known as Daniel Kidd, was born and is a native of the small town of Okeechobee, Florida, born September 14, 1989. With a background of drug dealing, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine use, parting, and being a womanizer, some would have called him a throwaway kid or someone with no hope or future. The power of God and his unfailing love proved that there is no situation God can’t take complete control of and reconcile. D Kidd has been a light unto his peers and adults as well in his community being a young man whom once was viewed as someone with no hope but now is living a life pleasing unto God.

Producer: Scott Styles
Record Label: CLMG (Christ Like Musiq Group)

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Twitter: @DKiddMusic
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