Here at Jam the Hype we see many artists in development, and we’ve seen Coppe start from her beginning.  She’s advancing and just came out with her latest single “Dance in the Dark” with the full album forthcoming entitled, “The Breastplate of Righteousness.”  The newest single has a Nile Rodgers vibe and captures the heart of what Coppe is about.  She’s a classic example of the RNP genre, “rhythm and praise.”  Dance in the Dark is about celebrating our ability to affect the culture for good through Christ, while also knowing this is our temporary home, the dark.  The track needs some more polishing with the producer needing to finish some tasks on it; however, you can see the glimmer of Coppe and what she will be with more careful production.  We’re looking forward to the rest of the album and hope you will check out this emerging talent.

About Coppe

Born Capucine Cantrell to the parents Alma and Dorsey Cantrell, she is number six of eleven children. At six months old her father named her Coppe, because her hair looked like a brand new shiny copper penny. Coppe married Johnny Jackson (P/K/A) Johnny “J” in 1992.  During the time of their marriage Johnny produced records for the likes of Tupac Shakur (2Pac) and many other artist and sold more than 100 million records worldwide. During such time period they had a company together called KLOCK WORK Entertainment which she worked behind the scenes, and had some appearances on some records and videos. Coppe was married to Johnny until his untimely death by suicide in 2008.  After the devastating loss of her husband it was one of her college professors that introduced the bible to her. Through constant prayer, reading the bible, and her now strong belief in God, and Jesus Christ, Coppe was able to get her life back together. In April of 2009, she was given a prophecy that she would be singing.  On April 21, 2010 Coppe became a born again Christian, and about a year and half later she was able to find love again in Christ and remarried.

As Coppe Cantrell, now we can say this is a new beginning of ministry, that God called her to do, being a CCM/Gospel recording artist. She answered the call with the 2010 release of her debut album titled God’s Project (Book I)..  The first single “Holy Groove” went a buzz and many church’s and venues requested her performance, the ‘KNOTT’S BERRY FARM” Gospel Showcase hosted by KJLH, and the Dream Center, where she was able to share the stage with many known artist.  Coppe later released another album and single in 2012, but it did not garner as much attention as the first. That lack of success did not stop Coppe from doing what God called  her to do. She is releasing a new single called “Dance in The Dark” in Jan 2016 and an album produced by Johnny “J” titled “The Breastplate of Righteousness” to follow.