Brooklyn based MC/songwriter/producer/performer CONQUEST releases the remix of the original version of “SUBLIMINALS,” off his R.A.G.E. – THE EP & 5th studio album RADICAL DEPARTURE (DELUXE EDITION). This time around, ‘Quest is joined by West Coast lyricists JGivens, Andre Balboa & Mid-west resident MC Charles Longo (formerly of Las Vegas, NV). This remix continues where the original left off, with the four emcees breaking down the ill effects of not confronting the issues you have with a certain party man to man, but instead, resort to underhanded or deceptive/cowardly tactics to ‘confront’ the problem. It is very much Matthew18:15 being upheld. “SUBLIMINALS: WESTSIDE REMIX” was also produced by D. Steele aka Daniel Steele of HUMBLEBEAST’S THE BRIDGE & mixed by E-NON.

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