conquest rd

One thing is for certain, on this project Jason ‘Conquest’ Roberts bares his soul on this, his latest full length LP.  I have followed Conquest for the past several years and I have to say, this is his best lp so far in my humble opinion.  It covers a gamut of different rap stylings and topically an array of not so politically correct topics but things which I think need to be said.

The Album begins with the title track a head nodding groove produce by eshon “bombay” burgundy. With lyrics just as gritty as the beat. “Let me take you inside of the mind of what the ‘Quest does/ I sleep at night with disappointments & bedbugs / Roof’s caving in faster than all my dreams & goals /& I work a dead end job out in the freezing cold…”  I heard this and I’m like whoa! Hard times make a man share his faults not just his attributes.  Given my preference for boom bap tracks. This song had me expecting the next to be just as head noddable, but instead… Quest gets even darker, and reveals his heavy metal side on R.A.G.E. ( Revenge Against Gods Enemies) Replete with the a goblinesque voice on the hook. Mr Roberts lays in about the horrors of  suicide, school shootings, and abuse and how we should deal with these events in our lives. I really dig this track. Anger properly displayed.

With that said, there are some weak points to address on some tracks. I am not sure how I feel about Conquest singing verses and hooks, on Cross that Line, Lyricists of Year, The Accused,. the crooning seems forced, but I think he pulls off the singing well on Whoever You Are, Disposable, and Nowhere to Run.
If I had to pick favorites in this album. The title track, Machinist, and Bryant’s Theme: Code of Ethics II would be mine. Primarily, because I think Quest rhymes best over hard east coast style beats. But overall, this album has something for everybody.  And he holds his own in the different stylings he chooses to use  from Boom Bap to fast paced southern styled rhymes, to laid back almost r&b style joints. Also his partner on production for most of these tracks Daniel Steele, and a few others put in high quality work. Conquest’s love of the genre, is obvious in this lp, and his love of God is evident in the content. I’m definitely glad I added this album to my collection and I bet you would be as well.

Categorical Ratings Breakdown:

Originality/Creativity: 4/5
Lyrics/ Delivery: 3.5/5
Beat Selection/production: 3/5
Concept/Arrangement: 3/5


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