We are less than one hour away from Super Bowl 50, which will be the Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers. Many of your favorite artists are talking about the big game.

Check out Christian hip-hop’s commentary.

Today is the day!!! It&39;s Super Bowl 50 and it&39;s all going down in my city by the bay. I&39;m getting ready for a TON of people to come over the crib today as we are throwing a Super Bowl party like we pretty much do every year. Ok… I pick the panthers to win it all. Final score 31-17 although my boy @vernondavis85 is playing for the Broncos. I just think the panthers are playing too good right now and they really do look like the best team in football. I would be so happy to see my boy get a ring tho. He deserves it as he had put in his work and time and given his all to the game. Who&39;s your pick and what do you think the final score will be??? carolina panthers denver broncos sanfrancisco sf bayarea bay superbowl superbowl50 football nfl 49ersfanforlife yatusabe

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Who do you got?

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