The purpose for this single began while ministering on the streets of Toronto where came across a lot of troubled youth. Amongst them were young women with no guidance whose hearts were seeped in a culture glorifying drug abuse and hedonism. The purpose for this single remained the same from it’s inception; to present young women (secular & Christian) with the fact that an undying love truly exists.

After seeing his beloved run from his love for other love interests and substance abuse, the protagonist of this story goes after her in hopes of persuading her back. Will her heart be swayed back to her lover? Like hard liquor drunken straight, his passionate love for his beloved has no chaser. This single parallels the relationship between God and mankind.

Chris Oaks, formerly known as Zeko, is one of many new rappers from Toronto whose ambient music is laced with a plethora of emotion. Being influenced by a repetitive Hip Hop culture that glorifies drugs and violence, his new found passion lies in positively impacting the youth culture. Bringing fresh sounds that combine both rapping and singing, Oaks is apart of ‘Connverted music label’ (yes, with two “n’s”) which is a new Hip Hop music label comprised of members who have transitioned out of criminally inclined mindsets. While placing his project with rap duo “Trees & Kings” on hold, He is currently working on releasing his first solo EP and performing at events.