Chris gives us another dope spoken word piece where he makes some beautiful contrast and comparisons. Obviously, we all go through trials and setbacks and most of us focus on is the pain. And those of us who don’t focus on pain sometimes fall into place of denial choosing to barrel straight through while pretending like nothing is affecting us. Neither one of these is a healthy place for us to live from.

But Chris tells us what is. He contrasts the sufferings of Jesus Christ so that we in comparison can see that through misery (The misery of Christ) we have been made right with the Father. Chris paints a very graphic picture of Christ’s crucifixion almost wearing a smile throughout the whole video. And the more he speaks, the more we though his message can see why the suffering of Christ could give us anything to smile about. In the middle of suffering it is hard to see how any of it can be for our good, let alone for some greater that will help others.

I would like to thank Chris for his efforts in conveying that suffering (though no suffering seems beneficial in the present) is not beyond God’s ability to manufacture something great from it.  The simplicity of the message, I believe is the strength of it. He compares the pain of childbearing and the after reward to what is birthed from our agony.  He exhorts us to not be fair weather in our belief, yet acknowledging how easy it is to choose feelings over our faith.

There is a part of us that will likely not want to hear the truth of this message. It is not a popular first decision to side with faith in the middle of our storms. However, his encouragement to do so is soundly rooted in theology and Godly wisdom. He reminds us to in our suffering not only see the other side but to look to him who suffered worse than any of us could have.

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