During this year’s Kingdom Experience from SXSW, Jam The Hype’s Chris Chicago had a chance to catch up with Chris Cobbins to discuss his new EP, which released today.

The EP, August Season: Take One, represents a metaphor for rebirth as August is the month Chris Cobbins was born. When asked about the album, Chris explained, “I wanted to make an upbeat album coming off a really difficult point in my life that just kind of boosts my spirits and hopefully gives somebody else joy when they hear it as well.”

From leaving a label, to becoming a father, and even turning 30, many new things are being presented to Chris, inspiring him for what is to come in the future.

During the interview, Chris’s Kingdom Experience performance of the song “March” from his previous Hello World album is also shown.

Be sure to grab Chris’s new EP, August Season: Take One, from iTunes, Amazon.com, or other favorite retailer.

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What do you think of the concept behind the new album?