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Artist: ChanceCold
Production: VTZ
Album: Who I AM Now
Release Date:
Label: Royal Vision Entertainment
Bio/Notes: My name is ChanceCold. I gave my life to the Christ December 13, 2008. Prior to this I was a self-professed atheist with no belief in God whatsoever. I was running the streets selling drugs to make ends meet and put money before anything else. On top of that I was highly addicted to morphine and couldn’t get out of bed, much less function without it. I was into music at this time as well ut everything I wrote pertained to death and suicide because I hated my life and I truly wanted to die by my own hands. I attempted to take my own life a total of 7 times with the first time being at age 15 and the last attempt being in August 2008 in which I literally tried to take my own life with my two children sitting in my lap.. I was considered a lost cause by society in general and I was convinced I would never escape the hell in which I lived. My parents are the ONLY ones that never gave up on me and my mother always had faith that I would come to the Lord as He gave her a vision that told her this. I never in a million years thought I would become who I am today. All it took was me standing up and honestly accepting Jesus into my heart and it was a literal 180 degree overnight change. Since this night I have had so many huge things happen in my life, so many huge miracles. This is a brief, very very brief bio because there are so many situations where He intervened to keep me alive, even when I blasphemed His Name and did not believe in Him at all. My name is ChanceCold and I am a son of The King Christ Jesus and am alive because He kept me alive to do great things in His name and fulfill the Purpose He has planned for me. In His Name I RAP. -ChanceCold