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Its hard to live for dough when you steady sharin a slice
until im stuffed in the crust spread the cheese my advice
now thats all good and I dont do good for the sake of being good
but when I feed the hood Im reminded of how im eating good
fatigue sweats on, im Comfy as a threat
build and destroy, Fresh furnished for the death
Its war time if you feel annoyed go head ignore rhymes
consequence of turnin me off you wont avoid I’m (bar)
Jones and I promise I trade thoughts with scholars
I wanna lower goal, then Id name drop em,
but would spud webb be a dunk champ
if everyday he had with a bunch reps
dunkin on a 8 footer?
kidd’n me right you’ll die you only ate sugar
fail I been drained today from facebookin
My mama cant log on see the fam wildin
I can and my plan aint campin by their fires
its shoot or be shot a couple of blocks
away, from where my mortgage paid and i want it to stop
people waitin on my music they want it drop
producers send lecrae throwaways non of em hot
grand rapids saying im a legend i know that im not
hard for me to wear the crown when im not at the top
i fed fans as conviction, friends seen my convict-ions,
fans gone friends when my new music in giv-en
everybody waitin, im shunnin all the attention
even tho, i try to, reply to, all of my mentions
NO leaving RMG, speculation, hush
participation a must, all my brothers i trust
The real know was up but knowin it ant enough
God doin something in me and droppi n would interrupt
all the patience and the labor been teachin me not grunt
yall see me as the runt of the litter yo every month
goes by wit no songs out, he must went sola, no lie
its hard to dispute it inside my own heart
callate la boca, stompin balboas and cobras
eat these rap bars no wrapped bars, granola