Harold “Zion” Edwards (President/Founder/Artist)
Herbert “Tank” Franklin (Vice President)
Dorothy “A.W.” Williams (Spoken Word Artist)
Jonathan “Nazarene” Cutter (Artist)
Devin “Church Boi” Pickett (Artist)
Travis “Chosen One” Jones (Artist)
Christopher “Lil One” Smith (Artist)
William “Jay” Norman (Artist)
James “JayReed” Fleetwood (Artist)

Bio: Who Are We?
CCM is a collaborative organism of lile-minded people meld together by one common goal…” Impacting our culture and changing the climate of out individual communities for the Kingdom of God. “We are urban “ambassadors” for the Kingdom of God” (2Corinthians 5:20).

CCM is, and always be a “Christ Centered,” hip-hop music entity dedicated to infiltrating and influencing the mainstream music industry with God’s agenda and heart.

What Is CCM?
CCM is an “independent” collection of performing artist, musicians, ministers, composers, writers and individuals united in the purpose of influencing the arena of mainstream entertainment with biblical truth in an attempt to turn the hearts and minds of ensnared toward God.